our home is your home ... is Kanosta

"Dining outdoors under the shade of coconut trees by day and the stars at night (when the candles provide light and a romantic atmosphere, perfect for long talks). The very attractive decor in every room (even the bathrooms) reflects the charming and artistic style of the owner, with a lovely mixture of art and nature ... heirlooms, tasty food with an emphasis on creative Mediterranean cuisine reflects Italian roots of Patrizia - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."
Elizabeth Kline's
Camps and lodges Guide 2012
"It is wonderful to know that they are not excellent culinary privilege of big cities but you can find them in the most humble people of the country and at Smallest and affective lodge. We still remember fondly the wonderful dinner on the patio with all hot and cold subtleties. Always follow the crowds well and will knock on your door. Thank you very much to attend us so gently."
Valentina Quintero
After recording the "Bitácora" TV Show at the lodge
"The flavors of the cuisine of Kanosta conquered me. Patrizia ahead, keep it up!"
Chef and TV host Héctor Soucy
At national television broadcast dedicated to the cuisine of the eastern coast of Falcón.
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Lodge Kanosta · Our home is your home... is Kanosta
Morrocoy National Park, North Main Avenue Beach, House Kanosta, Chichiriviche, Falcón State, Venezuela.
Phone: (+58 259) 818.62.46 / Mobile: (+58 412) 485.85.48 / Fax: (+58 259) 815.01.31 / E-mail:
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