our home is your home ... is Kanosta

Due to the particular location Kanosta, you'll enjoy a full contact with nature as fragile and beautiful, Morrocoy National Park.

We are situated at the end of Main Street in North Beach, near Playa Los Cocos, front of a beautiful beach where you can relax and tanning on comfortable chairs providing of all Food & beverage services of the lodge.

From this same beach the boats take you to the islands.

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Lodge Kanosta · Our home is your home... is Kanosta
Morrocoy National Park, North Main Avenue Beach, House Kanosta, Chichiriviche, Falcón State, Venezuela.
Phone: (+58 259) 818.62.46 / Mobile: (+58 412) 485.85.48 / Fax: (+58 259) 815.01.31 / E-mail:
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